4 Car Hacks: Protect Your Windscreen from Damage

Have you ever tried driving safely and yet still end up getting your car’s windscreen chipped? After all the precautions you made, no matter how you avoided trailing behind dump trucks just to keep your car from falling debris and potential harm, it is still a wonder why your windscreen gets damaged. However, this isn’t the time to despair as there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people going through the same problem as you are right this minute. Rest assured that getting your windscreen damaged, chipped or cracked happens at least once in your lifetime. Good thing you can get it repaired and replaced at www.perthwindscreens.net.au if such incidents happen.

Your car windscreens crack when exposed to extreme temperatures. This happens not only during summer but also during the winter season as well. Since windscreens are the most important components of a car, you simply cannot compromise on it. A cracked windscreen can cloud a driver’s vision and may lead to major accidents.

If your windscreen gets cracked or chipped, it is always better to get it replaced at www.perthwindscreens.net.au to prevent further damage. According to safety measures, if the crack is around 12 inches you must get it replaced. The windscreens are made with two layers of glass sandwiching a layer of plastic between them. The material used does not keep the crack from spreading. If you are driving a car with cracked windscreen, you are more prone to danger because with the passage of time the crack continues to spread and the glass eventually shatters.

It is always wise to keep your car in good condition and not to expose the car to extreme climatic conditions. The glass of the windscreen is temperature sensitive and gets weaker gradually. Using defogger in winters and air conditioner in summers affects the glass adversely. In addition to that, if you park your car regularly under the sun, you are causing a great damage to the windscreen. If you have got a small crack on the windscreen and you travel on a bumpy road or your kids shut the doors with a bang, the impact of the pressure spreads the crack even further. As a safety measure, it is always wise to get the cracked windscreen replaced at www.perthwindscreens.net.au at an affordable price.

Below are some important car hacks to keep your car safe:

  1. Rubbing raw onion on your windscreen before you park the car outside in frosty night keeps the frost away from sticking on the windscreen.
  2. Soaking a cotton cloth in alcohol and rubbing the wiper blades with it helps it function properly without sticking to the screen during winters.
  3. To unfreeze the car locks, take a straw and blow the air inside the car locks to unfreeze the locks. You can also heat the car keys using matchstick or lighter. Inserting this heated key also helps to unfreeze the car locks.
  4. Covering side mirrors with plastic bags secured with pins or rubber band protect the side mirrors from ice. It is a safety advice as well because you cannot drive with frosted side mirrors.

Use the above-mentioned tips to care and maintain your windscreens. Should your windscreens get damaged or cracked, always have it replaced as soon as possible to prevent further damage that may lead to accidents in the future. If your car is insured, your insurance company may also shoulder the cost for replacing your windscreens depending on the extent of your insurance coverage.


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