Simple Tips to Maintain Photocopiers

A photocopier is deemed very central in completing tasks, especially in a workplace. Unfortunately, the only time when we think about maintaining it is when we need photocopier repairs services because of a breakdown. When the paper gets jammed or the print quality is so poor, it cannot be used – even for normal business operations.

There are several factors that lead to copier shutdowns. These include copier mishandling, as well as heavy usage. Whatever the extent of a copier’s usage, you do not have to wait until the last minute in carrying out repair and maintenance – especially if this has serious implications for your business processes.


You can also start routine maintenance early on, making them a habit – so as to prevent any potential problems that might lead to those dreaded shutdowns. There are a few steps that you can take to ensure that those technical problems and failures are minimized over the long-term. It is also important to note that regular copier maintenance reduces your photocopier repairs costs.

Simple Precautions to Follow

Start by following the simplest of precautions to keep your copier operating in tip-top shape. These include the following:

  • Start with the paper and the toner quality. Ensure that you always have the correct, recommended sizes of papers and toners for your copier machine. To avoid unnecessary breakdowns, only use recommended consumables and other copier accessories.
  • Have a scheduled regular maintenance with your photocopier repairs service provider or dealer. Sign a maintenance contract that allows your service provider to offer regular and low-cost copier maintenance, in order to ensure that your copier machines operate normally and smoothly.
  • Run a routine copier cleanup. You should be able to accomplish this without involving the services of copier repair providers. There are also instances when the copier cleanup is absolutely necessary. For example, you can do it when the copy of the original document is not very clear.

If your copier is detecting the wrong size of an original document, then you might also need to invest in professional copier cleanup services. Other instances when copier cleanup becomes necessary include the following: when copies of the original have some streaks of black ink or when your copier is increasingly encountering paper jams or other technical issues.

Parts to Prioritize When Cleaning Your Copier

There are several parts that you should prioritize when carrying out photocopier cleaning. This is because these parts are most likely to cause technical issues with your copiers. These include the platen glass area, alongside the rear side; the copier’s feeder, along with the white plate; and the roller.

By carrying out regular maintenance on your copier, it is possible for you to boost your business productivity – as well as deeply cut down on the costs of eventual repairs.

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