Simple Tips to Improve Pre-Booking for Your Spa

Pre-booking refers to booking for a spa’s services in advance. The customer in this case wants to grab a certain deal but only for future day spa appointments. It is one of the leading revenue generators for many businesses and is a good way for you to achieve better customer retention and get more return customers that are crucial for the sustenance of your business. With a good day spa booking software, you can also get better insights on how to schedule appointments in the coming weeks for the customers that pre-book your services and this ensures that you will not disappoint anybody while maximizing on business and revenues.

Spa and salon facilities that offer pre-booking services are generally able to increase on the frequency of visits by their clients and enables you to get a lot per customer. The good thing with the pre-booking is that you only need to create a little incentive through your spa booking software in order to get the customers to spend more in your business. Here are some important tips on how you can increase your pre-bookings and maximize on your business revenues:

Incentivize the customers

One of the best ways to increase on your pre-bookings is by creating certain incentives every time a customer books an appointment at your spa. For example, you can create loyalty points for all pre-bookings. You can go ahead and create further incentives for the customers to come to you sooner and this will only increase the frequency of their visits and the spending per customer on your spa. If a visit costs $70 and you can get a customer to come in at least 10 times per year, that will translate into $700 per customer and it means you do not have to worry too much about attracting too many customers in order to hit your revenue targets.

Incentivize the staff

Apart from your day spa booking software, your front-desk staff also plays an important role in driving up the bookings so it is important to incentivize them so that they can work harder and deliver on your targets. If you are planning to drive up the pre-bookings, then it is important to set the goals for the pre-bookings. If your sales teams hit certain thresholds in selling the pre-bookings, you can offer them certain incentives such as generous commissions for every pre-booking at your spa. Higher pre-bookings will mean that you get more services, generate more revenues and your staff also get more financial rewards which lead to greater job satisfaction.

Run raffles

Raffles are important ways for you to generate pre-bookings. Every month, you can host raffles for the customers who have pre-booked their appointments at your spa facility. Doing this manually can be tedious so it is important to have a spa booking software with a marketing and promotional feature that will help you to easily create and run raffles. It is also important to have a software tool that can easily track it for you. The raffle prizes can be the items that you are selling such as free massage or pedicure services.  Customers are always hopeful of winning certain freebies and this will prompt them to make some pre-bookings on your website portal.

Make it easy for customers to pre-book services

Customers don’t like complexities or long waits so it is important that you make it easier for them to say yes to your pre-booking offers. You can incorporate this in your pre-booking software and up-sell it during the booking process.

When planning to sell your pre-bookings, it is also important to have a reliable spa booking software that will complement your pre-booking efforts. For example, it should offer opportunities for upselling and also offer regular reminders to customers on the upcoming appointments at the spa. Netbookings has multiple features to help you maximize on your pre-bookings. Check out to find out more.

Create a Happy Childhood: Buy Your Kids the Right Toys

Undeniably, children love toys. Take them into a toy store or let them see the wide selection of toys in various online toy shopping stores, and for sure they’ll be picking a lot of toys in no time. Finding the right toys online is more than just fun for them. While most toys online offer good things to children, the best ones provide tremendous benefits that will help develop vital skills in life and in turn prepare them for the challenges of adulthood.

toys online

toys online

Since a child’s brain acts like a sponge – absorbing almost anything they see, hear or feel – vast amounts of developmental skills are learned during early childhood. Playing with toys is one of the first few opportunities children have to discover and interact with the world on their own terms. Thus, the great importance of purchasing the right toys for them.

The right toys will not only offer hours of fun and stimulate their senses, but will also ignite their imagination and build their social and interpersonal skills. To children, toys are more than just objects – they are friends, partners and teachers that will guide them through life’s challenges.

Playing with toys offers countless of benefits and here are some of them:

Sparks Imagination: Nearly anything can ignite your children’s imagination – from the objects that surround them everyday to the roles they assume during playtime. They can jump from superhero to animals to inanimate objects with so much ease. Imaginative play allows children to develop a sense of control as they portray life’s daily happenings and apply the rules of social behavior.

Improves Physical Health: Children who enjoy physical or active play are typically athletic and enjoy sports. There are various kinds of physical play, and these can develop several skills. Toys for such category can enhance both their gross and fine motor skills. For example, skipping rope improves balance and climbing a jungle gym builds strength.

Develops Problem-Solving Skills: Puzzles, logic and strategy games allow children to focus on reasoning and sequencing while also improving their problem-solving skills and concentration on numbers and patterns. Children interested in these types of play seek for pattern and sequence in everything they do or see.

Squeezes Out Creativity: When children spend time doing arts and crafts, it sparks their creative impulses. Play that is filled with colors and images is visually stimulating for children and this encourages their artistic side. This developmental benefit not only advances a child’s observation skills, but also evokes a lively imagination.

Promotes Interpersonal Skills: It is during early preschool stage when interaction among children starts. Through positive interaction, they learn to communicate, cooperate, lend and share. Playing with siblings or playmates teaches children how to understand others’ feelings, share ideas, as well as take on responsibilities for the group’s benefit.

By giving children educational toys, they are able to learn basic life skills that can serve them well for later life. More so, there are a myriad of selections to choose from that are easy on the pocket.

If you are wondering where to look for the best toy online, look no further than Mr. Toys – an excellent educational toy store online. The shop offers a wide variety of toys online for all kinds of play. Check more information to this website now:

Things You Should Do To Buy The Best Used Car Available

Few years ago it was very difficult to get a quality used car but not anymore. Consumers now have access to lots of useful information that can guide them to the perfect used car deal. Sometimes, information available online is not enough to give you confidence to buy a used car. You should walk into a Mitsubishi Brisbane dealership to know more about cars to buy from a person that knows more about cars than your average online reviewer. At each Brisbane dealership you visit, you will notice the one brand that stands out from the rest: Mitsubishi. So, how do you go about shopping for the perfect car?

The first thing you should do is to figure out how much you have to spend. If you are going to look for a lender to finance your car purchase, a rule of thumb is that your monthly repayment should not be more than one fifth of your income. One mistake that people make is to buy cars with their hearts and not their heads and that leaves them with car payments they can barely afford. It is better to buy a used Mitsubishi Lancer than another vehicle that is not only more costly to buy but also harder to maintain. Buying a car from a dealership that has financing options like Toowong Mitsubishi is easy and highly recommended.

Once you have the finance question out of the way, you should make a short list of the cars you’d like to buy. Even if you have your eyes set on a used Mitsubishi Lancer Brisbane car, a look at the competition can help you see exactly why a Mitsubishi is a great used car to buy.

Price is another important factor to consider when buying a used car. Before visiting a used Mitsubishi Lancer Brisbane dealership, you should look around to get an idea of how much a used Mitsubishi Lancer should cost. You will be in a better position to talk about prices with the dealership’s representative if you know the market value of your preferred used car.

If you have decided to go for a Mitsubishi Lancer, you should find a reputable Mitsubishi Brisbane dealership. Finding a dealership in your area can save you a significant amount of money. One great place to find a used Mitsubishi Lancer Brisbane dealer is online. Dealerships like Toowong Mitsubishi make it easy for you to browse through their inventory and choose the right car.

Once you have narrowed down your search to a single vehicle, you should check its history. Used car dealers Brisbane has at present often provide vehicle history reports to prospective buyers. If you can’t find a history report from the dealership, you can get it from third party companies that collect the reports based on vehicle identification numbers or even license plate numbers.

The final step involves contacting the seller to answer any other questions you might have about a car they are selling. You should organize a face-to-face meeting with a representative of the dealership. Physically verify the condition of the car and ask for a test drive. A Mitsubishi Brisbane dealership like Toowong Mitsubishi can also offer you affordable maintenance services.

Kawasaki in the UK: Tips and Buying Guide

Kawasaki is the quintessential Japanese corporate giant. Founded in the late 19th century, the company brings forth a wealth of engineering heritage that spans over 100 years. In the UK, the Kawasaki bikes are known for their top notch quality, reliability and relative low cost. You can find Kawasaki dealers UK wide who will offer you incredible options when it comes to the choice of the bikes in the market.

Kawasaki dealers UK wide

Kawasaki dealers UK wide

Many now regard Kawasaki as an essentially motorcycle manufacturing company but its breadth of production and technology spans many other areas. These include the aircraft, helicopters, space systems, various electronic equipment, robotics, generators, submarines and nuclear power plant equipment along with other engineering equipment. The list of Kawasaki’s products is basically endless.

With such a tradition of engineering excellence, you can expect nothing from Kawasaki but the best products and services in the market. That is why its motorcycles are some of the most reliable in the market. The Kawasaki motorcycle carries that tradition of excellence to the fullest. They are built with a superb quality, have incredible styling and very good reliability.

The last factor, is the affordability. It is therefore important to find Kawasaki dealers UK wide that bring out the true essence of Kawasaki quality through the best bikes and the best service that does justice to the Kawasaki brand. One such dealer is the Wheels Motorcycles which is based in Peterborough.

The Kawasaki Bikes UK Wide Can be Broadly Classified into the following categories:

  • The Kawasaki Cruisers
  • The Kawasaki Sport Tourers
  • The Kawasaki Supersports 
  • The Kawasaki Scooters
  • The Kawasaki Motorcross
  • The Kawasaki Dual Purpose
  • The Kawasaki Offroad Bikes

Buying Guide for Your Kawasaki Bikes

  • For the Kawasaki Cruisers, you can choose from a great array of models such as the Vulcan 1700 Voyager ABS, the Vulcan 1700 Vaquero ABS, the Vulcan 900 Classic, the Vulcan 900 Classic LT, the Vulcan 900 Custom and the Vulcan S ABS. For additional detail on the specifications of these cruisers, you can check out the dealership website of the Wheels Motorcycles.
  • When it comes to the Kawasaki dual purpose bikes, choose from the KLR 650 and the KLX 250S which offer you 650cc and 250cc respectively.
  • There are four makes that you can choose from the Kawasaki off-road bikes. These include the KLX 140L, the KLX 140, the KLX 110L, and the KLC 110. These offer you 144cc, 144cc, 112cc and 112cc respectively.
  • Kawasaki Motorcross Bikes: The models that you can choose here include the KX 450F, the KX 250F, the KX 100, the KX 85 and the KX 65 which is the smallest with an 64cc engine.
  • The Kawasaki Touring Bikes: Choose from a great selection of the Kawasaki bikes such as the Concours 14 ABS, the Versys 1000LT, Versys 650LT, and the Vulcan 1700 Voyager ABS amongst others.

There are several other considerations that you should factor in when purchasing a bike from Kawasaki dealers UK wide. For example, look at the various financing options that they offer, and the quality of service offered at the dealership. Learn more information to this website :


What Gardeners Need to Know About Soil Contamination

Growing food in contaminated soil carries many risks with it. There are areas in Sydney with greater risks of soil contamination than other sites. Therefore, before putting your land into any form of use, it is important to carry out an environmental investigation to understand the history of the soil and determine whether it can pose any health risks.

contamination testing sydney

contamination testing sydney

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the chemicals found in the backyard soil of many inner city homes, particularly lead, increasingly directs to sickness and even brain damage to children. Traces of these may emerge from old paints, chemicals used in the house, or surrounding factories.

As most risks emerge from the greens grown in vegetable patches or community gardens, soil contaminants can also be found in areas such as Balmain, Surry Hills, and even Marrickville. However, given that very few Sydney residents are able to understand the soil history in their backyards, it is very important to invest on a reliable soil contamination testing Sydney service.

The soil contaminants do not just affect humans by means of growing food in vegetables patches or community gardens. During the dry summers, the poisonous lead chemical and arsenic contaminants in the soil can spread through small dust particles.

Children are mostly at risk from these contaminants as they absorb as much as 60% of ingested lead compared to adults who absorb only 10% of this. Thus, the effects on the overall health of children can be perilous.

If your backyard garden is located close to old industrial enterprises, landfills, or busy roads in Sydney, then you urgently need some contamination testing Sydney services.

Alliance Technical Soil Contamination or Compaction Testing

If your soil site gives you any cause for worry based on its history, then Alliance Geotechnical Pty offers the most reliable and professional soil contamination testing and soil compaction testing services to help you make the wisest choices on the usage of soil and also, access reliable information and interpretation of the test results.

This will be particularly necessary if you are planning to undertake some redevelopment work, in which case the Local Council may authorize an investigation to be undertaken on the environmental conditions of the soil site.

If a developer is planning to put up a structure in the site using imported soil, a soil contamination report will be required to ensure that the inhabitants of the area are not exposed to contaminants.

Alliance Geotechnical offers the most reliable contamination testing Sydney services to ensure that the soil site is free from harmful substances such as heavy metals, which can pose serious health risks.

The company also provides compaction testing services which establish the in-situ density of the soil then compares it against the maximum density determined by lab tests. All of these are carried out in a state-of-the-art NATA-accredited public lab in Sydney.

Looking for some quality environment investigation, soil contamination, or compaction testing services in Sydney?

Check out and talk to the company staff.

What Type Of Car Suits Me Best?

Regardless of whether it is new or used, purchasing a car is an expensive endeavour. It is regarded the second most major and expensive decision a consumer makes, after a home. It is therefore imperative that you, the consumer, make that decision an informed one. You should know what you want out of a car and how to get it. When buying a car e.g. Mitsubishi new cars or used, you should have a pretty clear picture of what to look for. It would be a total waste of money and time if the car you picked doesn’t live up to your expectation.  This article is written to guide you to your dream car, so read on!

What Kind of Car Do I Need?

The vehicles available in the market are of a very vast variety. Forgetting about the actual number of brands and models available, the variety of body styles is equally if not more overwhelming. How are you expected to decide what you need?

Here is a profile:

    • Coupe/Convertible: This type makes a statement regardless of the fact that practicality goes out the window. These offer expressive designs regardless of the maker. So as you visit the car dealer Toowoomba are or wherever you are, pick a convertible to make a statement.
    • Sedan: you should pick a sedan if kids are in the picture since climbing in and out of the backseat of a coup may be difficult.
    • Hatchback: hatchback and station wagons offer SUV-like space minus the fuel consumption that accompanies a heavy vehicle. If you are thinking of Mitsubishi new cars or used car, the Mitsubishi outlander Phev should be a perfect fit. This is one of the stylish and creative hatchback released.

Should I buy a new or a used car?

Many people grapple with this question before purchasing cars for themselves or for their loved ones. The fact that insurance rates are higher on new cars, as compared to used cars, makes it a tough choice. On the other hand, the reliability and little maintenance that come with the new car should be considered. In the final analysis, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. Whether you pick from Mitsubishi new cars or used cars, the determining factors are your personal preference and also your budgetary constraints at the time of purchasing the car.

What Size of the Car Do I Need?

Even though this may be based on your body size and weight, we say start small. Right off the bat, let us embark on debunking a common misconception: Smaller vehicles are much less safer than larger ones. Firstly, the safest collision is actually the one you avoid in the first place. It is a fact that lighter vehicles tend to be more agile and hence they give you a better chance of avoiding a crash by steering away from the crash. Furthermore larger vehicles offer less control, consume much more fuel and are relatively more expensive to buy.

So when you go to car dealers Toowoomba AU has to get a Mitsubishi Toowoomba deal or wherever you are, please choose wisely and consider the above tips. Happy Shopping!

Varieties of Heavy Duty Trucks to Look For

The average truck is not suited for the kind of abuse most trucks are forced to handle. That is why a number of truck buyers have been disappointed when their choice of truck could not take the harsh treatment. The problem however, could be blamed on them because they never put many factors into perspective when shopping for the ideal heavy duty truck. Of importance during heavy duty truck sales should be history of the company truck originates from, dependability during performance, toughness and unparalleled efficiency. If all these are combined, the result will definitely be commendable.

There are several types of heavy duty truck sales for everyday use. Perhaps the first one that has been around to save lives as well as property is the Fire and emergency truck. Immediately an alarm sounds; the firefighter truck gets ready to respond to the situation. Getting to emergency areas need fast movement and efficiency. A firefighter truck must therefore possess rear and front engine power to ensure swift take-offs. At the same time, the cab configurations should be designed to give equipment truck manufacturers flexibility needed.

Heavy haul trucks constantly handle rough treatment. At times they are at the construction site where equipment is moved from that point to the next destination. At other times, they may be hauling loads from one country to the next, or one city to the other. Whatever the case, an ideal hauling truck will possess sufficient power, visibility and maneuverability. Since they deal in heavy objects, they need to have enough strength that will see them last long enough. This necessitates the need for heavy duty truck sales. (To know more about Trucks, visit:

The concrete mixer should not miss in any building and construction site. While some construction sites are well spaced, others are small and may be in a rough terrain that cannot be easily maneuvered by any type of truck. Trucks that feature specific industry innovations for concrete mixing applications are the most preferable. A truck that can keep pace with very tough challenges is the most suitable.

Crane trucks are really a requirement when lifting heavy goods from the warehouse to other trucks, lifting construction equipment in a building site among other duties. This is possible with trucks designed for heavy lifting and optimized for application on crane. The truck to handle this kind of duty needs sufficient strength for proper functionality.

Refuse trucks play a major role in the disposal of garbage that would otherwise be an eyesore. Depending on the amount of garbage handled, a truck can be huge or relatively small. Huge refuse trucks have to be easy to maneuver and must perform highly. At the same time, the driver needs to have enough room to be comfortable as well as productive on the job all day long.

Other heavy duty trucks sales include sewer vacuum, oil and gas field service and logging trucks. They are available at the UD Trucks Australia. Made of Japanese technological innovations, the trucks guarantee strength and nothing less. To find out more about these high quality trucks, check the following website:

Keep Your Motorbike in Top Shape

The convenience that motorbikes offer can never be overrated. Considering speed, fuel consumption and the motorbike’s ability to maneuver in comparison to a car, it is ideal. For every kind of lifestyle whether motorsport, business, or luxury, there is one made to suit someone.  However the last thing you want is to have a motorbike and not know what to do when it breaks down. You do not have to worry because if you need a place that deals motorbike repairs Brisbane has plenty.

 You could be running a business of door-to-door delivery of goods such as food, parcels, mails and so on around Brisbane. Your business depends hugely on the condition of your motorbikes. This means if your motorbikes are not functioning you lose clients and hence money. You need to make sure that all your motorbikes are in good condition. To do this you need the services of a company that deals with motorbike repairs in Brisbane. This will ensure that whenever your bikes are down, they are brought back up immediately.

If you are looking for more than just motorbike repairs Brisbane has a number of other services that will benefit your motorbike. These include sales of spare parts, accessories such as jerseys and pants, and sales of motorbikes. In case you need a motorbike to buy in Brisbane, such places will be suitable for you. You will always get what you want whether new or used at a price that will fit your budget.

Used bikes are available in all major brands and models such as Honda, Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Kawasaki, among others leading brands. These come at a price starting from $2500 depending on what you go for. Besides, their condition are still good that they will serve your needs just like new ones.

If you opt to get a new one, you also get to choose from a wide variety of bikes that come in all shapes and models. These include Honda, Ninja, and KLX among others; their prices starting from $2,750 on the least. For instance, if you choose the 2015 KLR650, it comes in colours such as metallic grey. This motorbike designed for both short and long journey goes for $7,790.

When it comes to places that provide motorbike repairs Brisbane has quite a number, however one company has the best Brisbane motorbike repairs. Crazy Dogs Kawasaki gives quality services second to none. Here you are in the hands of a family owned business that understands your needs as an individual or as a business. With ten years’ experience, you are guaranteed the best experience when it comes to sales and repair of your bikes.

When you purchase some selected motorbike models, you get rewarded with an accessory pack valued at $800. To know what services will best suit you, you need to go to the office on 270 Eastern Service Road, Burpengary QLD 4505. Or you can visit the website for a faster access on the company. Here you will experience integrity and customer service like no other.

Advanced Sales Training – For a better future

Advanced sales trainingIf you have opted for a job that involves sales then you ought to sharpen your sales skills by enrolling for an advanced sales training course. In a competitive environment where monthly sales figures will determine your success an advanced sales training program is the need of the hour for all those people who make a living by selling products.

If you are wondering what is the actual difference between sales and marketing then you ought to go online and read various articles about it. Yes, both marketing and sales help in enhancing the revenue of the company. But mostly, people have an understanding that sales and marketing is the same thing but it isn’t.

A sales professional has to have a comprehensive understanding of all the products and services offered by the company so that all the queries generated by the customers can be resolved and answered correctly.  Marketing on the other hand includes a broad range of activities and focus on client relationships and strategies to the position the brand and so on.

If you are currently doing a sales job and want to excel in it then you should think about enrolling for an advanced sales training course so that you can sharpen your skills and learn more about professional sales. Doing a sales job is all about numbers and you always have to prove your point with numbers and sales so, in order to be better at what you do, a good course will certainly boost your attitude and career.

One of the most acclaimed and respected learning centers in Australia – New Horizons offers excellent and tailored courses for working professionals across Australia. Right from business houses to seasoned IT professionals New Horizons learning centers designs courses for all.

You can choose from a number of sales training courses offered by New Horizons learning centre. If your job involves speaking to potential customers over phone then you can opt for professional selling over phone course. It will teach you to ask the right questions and manage your calls professionally.

There is a course titled sales fundamentals. You can learn about the basics of sales and client handling and glossary. This is great for professionals who are already doing a sales job. This course will boost their confidence and teach them everything about market assessment, enhance rapport with existing and prospective customers.

Smarter selling course is specially designed for seasoned professionals. In fact the course has been designed on the basis of the book called Smarter Selling by Keith Dugdale and David Lambert. One of the best aspects about this course is that all the participants receive a free copy of the book for reference. Right from planning to making strategies and to understanding the clients’ needs this course will help you add value to your key responsibility areas as you will be taught to make the entire sales process relaxed and simple. It will help you make more sales and thus generate more revenue for the organisation. To know more about us, visit: NHAUSTRALIA.

Planning to get a commercial truck? Here is what to know

With all the commercial trucks and companies dealing in them around, one may find it pretty difficult to make the right choice about them. A lot of care should be taken before making a choice of the truck you are to purchase. You should pick a truck from a trusted truck company. The dealer also matters quite a lot.

Picking the right truck from a trusted dealer could be your fast step towards a financial breakthrough. However, this does not just begin with buying the vehicle and putting it to task. Below are some of the most important factors to bear in mind before buying a commercial truck.

•    When you are to buy a commercial truck, it is very crucial to establish the duty that the truck will perform prior to its purchase. This is to help you know the best truck to buy as there are various trucks with each having unique features. Choosing the right truck will facilitate the quality and efficiency of the truck’s output. If available however, it would be advisable to select a truck that could be used for multiple purposes.

•    Depending on the amount of money available, one may find used trucks pretty convenient. They can save you some cash from your budget of a new truck. Also, with a new truck, one may be forced to make certain adjustments and building the chassis. Used trucks on the other hand have been built and very little adjustments have to be made. Before making the purchase however, it is important that you have the vehicle assessed by an expert to see whether it is in good shape or not.

•    Before buying a new commercial truck, it is of great essence to carry out a research to determine the availability of the spare parts and services of that particular truck. Being a commercial vehicle, there will be very little time to keep the truck waiting while you go looking for services and parts. You should at least know where you will take the vehicle in case a problem arises.

•    A licensed and certified dealer offers a high probability of giving a quality vehicle. It is therefore wiser to get commercial trucks for sale from a dealer you trust, whether recommended by a friend who has worked with them or from a previous personal experience.

•    The capacity and power of the car should also be considered. You should know the amount of work that you will task it with before making the actual purchase. With this in mind, you will be at the perfect position to determine the right truck, both in capacity and power, to finally buy commercial truck. Read more at for other information.

UD Trucks knows what best suits your needs. They can be trusted to produce strong durable trucks which can comfortably cover long distances over harsh terrains. With its factory in Japan, the company has been in Australia since 1973. From them, you can get the safest trucks which give outstanding performance on the roads. They also offer spare parts and services relieving you the stress of having to worry about the two.

The company can be contacted through the phone number: 1300 289 283